1975 1203 /1204 - GOV (Senate) - Veterans Insurance Information Disclosure

  • 1975 1203/1204 - GOV (Senate) - Veterans Insurance Information Disclosure - Senator Stone
  • (p43) - Dan Andersen:  ....so we developed a buyer's guide concept where we want to explain how you use the index.
    • Well, if you explain how to use the index, you ought to explain what the policy is and what choices a buyer has,
    • and we became convinced that the worst decisions that were made weren't necessary because the buyer bought a high cost policy but that he bought an inappropriate policy for his needs and for his budget.
  • Senator Stone (D-FL).  In other words, what we're looking for is not relative cost so much as relevance.
  • Dan Andersen.  Right, relevance to the buyer's needs and abilities to pay.

--  Dan Andersen, director of the Life and Health Insurance Division and chief actuary of the Iowa Insurance Department and chairman of the Cost Disclosure Task Force of the NAIC

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