AIG - Finance Committee

  • 2007 1010 - AIG - Finance Committee¬†- 2p
  • 2007 1213 - AIG - Finance Committee (JX-005-updated) - 9p
  • 2008 0417 - AIG - Finance Committee - 18p

2007 1213 - AIG - Finance Committee (JX-005-updated) - 9p

  • (p5) - Mr. Scott reported "business as usual" for the securities lending program, with $16 billion of cash collateral currently held for the $88 billion portfolio.
    • He explained that a number of contingency plans have been¬† implemented including a $3.5 billion contingency funding plan executable on short notice for the domestic pool as well as plans for internal trades in the overseas pools to add liquidity.
  • (p5) - <re: AIGFP> - Mr. Offit commented that returns of this business need to offset the discount resulting from the lack of understanding of the business and Mr. Langhammer commented on the confusion over the definition of "super senior".
    • Mr. Dooley noted that until recently, the
      AIGFP business was the lowest consumer of AIG's capital under rating agency models.