AIG - Guaranteed Investment Agreements - GIAs

  • AIG Financial Products Corp. and its subsidiaries (AIGFP) structure financial transactions, including long-dated interest rate and currency swaps and structure borrowings through notes, bonds and guaranteed investment agreements. (See also Note (e) of Notes to Financial Statements.)

1999 0930 - AIG - 10Q - 51p

  • (p - A significant portion of AIGFP's guaranteed investment agreements (GIAS) and financial derivative transactions include provisions that require AIGFP, upon a downgrade of AIG's long-term debt ratings, to post collateral or, with the consent of the counterparties, assign or repay its positions or arrange a substitute guarantee of its obligations by an obligor with higher debt ratings.

 2008 0630 - AIG - 10Q - 133p

Capital Markets

  • Capital Markets is comprised of the operations of AIGFP, which engaged as principal in a wide variety of financial transactions, including standard and customized financial products involving commodities, credit, currencies, energy, equities and interest rates.
  • AIGFP also invests in a diversified portfolio of securities and principal investments and engages in borrowing activities that involve issuing standard and structured notes and other securities and entering into guaranteed investment agreements (GIAs).
  • Due to the extreme market conditions experienced in 2008, the downgrades of AIG’s credit ratings by the rating agencies, as well as AIG’s intent to refocus on its core businesses, beginning in late 2008 and continuing through 2009 AIGFP has been unwinding its businesses and portfolios. See Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations — 2010 Business Outlook — Financial Services.

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