AIG - Insurance Regulators

  • (a) On September 16, 2008, Dinallo reiterated Governor Paterson’s offer to allow AIG to upstream $20 billion from its insurance subsidiaries (Dinallo Dep. 214:13- 21). Geithner responded, “No, we’re good” (id. at 215:16-18). As a result, Dinallo was “led to believe definitively that we were no longer part of the fix” (id. at 215:25-216:2).

Document 281-1 - Plaintiffs’ Corrected Proposed Findings of Fact - 99p

LC - Starr International Company vs United States - 11-0779 

  • YPFS: Since AIG is an insurance company, what was the role of the insurance regulators and their interaction with the Fed during this time?
  • Baxter: The insurance commissioners really didn't help the rescue of AIG, but they didn't harm it either.

2018 1120 - Lessons Learned Oral History Project Interview: Thomas Baxter - 19p