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  • 2008 0513 - NYT - Maurice Greenberg tells Board that AIG is in 'Crisis' - [link]
  • 2008 0523 - Reuters - UPDATE 1-Moody's cuts AIG rating; shares fall - [link]
  • 2008 0627 - Reuters - AIG To Lose Up To $5 Billion From Investments: Report - [link]
    • 2008 0627 - Bloomberg  News - AIG to Absorb $5 Billion Loss on Securities Lending, Miles Weiss - WishList
  • 2008 0917 - WSJ - Throwing a Lifeline to a Troubled Giant, Andrew Ross Sorkin - 6p
  • 2008 0918 - Taiwan News - AIG's roots run deep in Asia Asian subsidiaries try to calm fears in founding region and vital market - [link]
    • People queue outside an AIA office in Singapore's main business district yesterday. AIA is a subsidiary of American Insurance Group. - Picture
  • 2008 0921 - WSJ - Protections for AIG Policyholders - [link]
    • AIG's insurance subsidiaries "did not receive a bailout; they are financially solvent," Sandy Praeger, president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, said in a statement last week.
    • "Typically the new insurer will provide all of the protection that would have been provided under the old policy," he says.
      • But it is possible in some situations that people with life-insurance policies worth more than the state limits may find they're on the hook for a higher premium or a reduced death benefit, Mr. Gallanis says.  <NOLHGA>
  • 2008 1008 - WSJ - AIG Increases Borrowings While Racing to Sell Assets - [link]
  • 2008 1030 - WSJ - Securities-Lending Sector Feels Credit Squeeze, Karmin and Scism - WiLi


  • 2009 0119 - Fortune - AIG: The Company That Came To Dinner, Carol J. Loomis— A Fortune Profile, Contents:VOL. 159, NO. 1 - January 19, 2009 - [lnsuranceNewsNet-link]
    • "kill list." It was created by AIG's controller, David Herzog
  • 2009 0205 - WSJ - An AIG Unit's Quest to Juice Profit, A close look at the 2,000-employee AIG Investments unit shows how this part of the conglomerate made gambles that helped cripple the firm. - Serena Ng and Liam Pleven - [link]
  • 2009 0302 -  NYT - The Case for Saving A.I.G., by A.I.G., Andrew Sorkin - [link],  aka The Case for a Giant, by a Giant.,

  • 2009 0305 - NYT -
    • "AIG Financial Products is not a licensed insurance company," Dinallo said. "It was not regulated by New York State or any other state."
    • But Senator Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican on the committee, repeatedly needled Dinallo. "Are you trying to evade your responsibility?" Shelby asked. "You can claim here today that you have little responsibility, if any, for all these problems?"
    • Dinallo argued that AIG's securities lending unit had only minor losses and would have been successfully wound down had the insurance giant not suffered so many losses stemming from its credit default swap positions.
    • 2009 0305 - GOV (Senate) - American International Group: Examining What Went Wrong, Government Intervention, And Implications for Future Regulation - aka Government Intervention and Regulation of AIG - [PDF-72pCSPAN
  • 2009 0305 - WSJ - AIG's Black Box The fourth rescue is not a charm, <Author??> - [link]
    • Have Fed and Treasury staff, with their copious amounts of free time, studied state and international insurance regulatory schemes and deemed them inadequate? 
    • If the argument is that an AIG failure would deprive customers of needed insurance products, this seems to be even more of a stretch.
  • 2009 0327 - WSJ - Top Risk Officers Remain at AIG's Helm - The group inside AIG that oversaw some of the company's biggest bets remains largely unchanged even after the $173 billion government bailout. by Liam Pleven - [link]


  • 2010 0202 - WSJ - Eric Dinallo - What I Learned at the AIG Meltdown: State Insurance Regulation Wasn’t the Problem - [link]  
  • 2010 0609 - - Did Bush Officials Hide Depths of AIG Problems?, by Greg Gordon - [link]
    • <WishList> - A McClatchy analysis of the finances of 20 of AIG’s larger insurance subsidiaries at the time has found a much bleaker picture, however:
  • 2010 1001 (Updated) - Policyholders Safe, Say States AIG Won't Need to Tap Insurance Units for Funds; Still, 'It's an Involved Plan', By Leslie Scism - [link]

  • 78. AIG Investments senior executive and then-AIG Chief Investment Officer Win Neuger was instrumental in the decision.

    • As reported by the Wall Street .Journal on February 5, 2009, "Mr. Neuger and Kevin McGinn, who has been AIG's chief credit officer since 2004, signed off on the proposal, agreeing in a memo that the guidelines didn't subject the [Program] portfolio to undue risk."

    2010 0629 - LC - Transatlantic vs AIG - Affirmation of Anthony J. Albanese - 116p

  • 2018 0308 - WSJ - The Raid on AIG’s Equity Was Illegal - [link]