AIG - Name Changes / Mergers

  • The Company was incorporated in Delaware on April 11, 1960, and commenced business on August 1, 1960, under the name Knights Life Insurance Company.
    • The Company's name was changed to American General Life Insurance Company of Delaware on December 31, 1962.
    • On December 31, 1991, the Company, California-Western States Life Insurance Company and American General Life Insurance Company merged, with the Company being the surviving entity. 
    • The Company re-domesticated to Texas and changed its name to American General Life Insurance Company.
  • Effective December 31, 2012, as part of a project that consolidated seven sister life insurance companies, the following legal entities merged into American General Life Insurance Company:
    • American General Assurance Company, American General Life and Accident Insurance Company, American General Life Insurance Company of Delaware, SunAmerica Annuity and Life Assurance Company, SunAmerica Life Insurance Company, and Western National Life Insurance Company.

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  • 1998 0821 - Los Angeles Times - AIG to Buy SunAmerica : Insurance Giant Makes $16.5-Billion Deal for Annuity Marketer - [link]
  • Chartis - Property and Casualty
  • AIG’s principal retirement services & asset management operations are conducted through AIG SunAmerica Inc. (AIG SunAmerica), The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company and its related marketing entities (AIG VALIC) and AIG Asset Management Holdings Corp. (formerly known as AIG Global Investment Group, Inc.) and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (AIG Global Investment Group).
  • AIG SunAmerica develops and sells variable annuities and other investment products, sells and manages mutual funds and provides financial services.
  • AIG VALIC provides tax qualified annuities to the employees of educational, healthcare and governmental entities.
  • AIG Global Investment Group manages third-party institutional, retail and private equity funds invested assets on a global basis, provides securities lending and custodial services and organizes, and manages the invested assets of institutional private equity investment funds.

Each of these subsidiary operations receives fees for investment products and services provided.

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