AIG - Papers

  • Date-? - FED Liquidity Policy during the Financial Crisis: Playing For Time, by Robert Eisenbeis and Richard Herring - 57p
  • 2009 - LR - The AIG Bailout, William K. Sjostrom, Jr. - 49p
  • 2009 Spring issue - New Appleman on Insurance: Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law - AIG’s Financial Distress: How Credit Default Swaps and the Lack of Regulation Brought Down an Insurance Giant and Implications for the Insurance Industry, Paul Walker-Bright and Timothy P. Law - 38p - <WishList>
  • 2011 - AP - AIG: Misconceptions, Precipitating Factors in Government Bailout, and Implications for the Financial Industry, Alexis Paulovich - 56p
  • 2013 - AP - Repercussions: The Impact of the AIG Bailout on it’s Insurance  Subsidiaries, Shauna Ferris, Presented to the Actuaries Institute Actuaries Summit - 34p