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Retirement Services & Asset Management Operations

AIG’s Retirement Services & Asset Management operations offer a wide variety of investment products, including variable annuities and mutual funds, as well as investment services, such as investment asset management. Such products and services are offered to individuals and institutions both domestically and overseas.

AIG’s principal Retirement Services & Asset Management operations are conducted through AIG Retirement Services, Inc. and its subsidiaries (AIG SunAmerica), VALIC and its related marketing entities (AIG VALIC) and AIG Global Investment Group. AIG SunAmerica develops and sells variable annuities and other investment products, sells and manages mutual funds and provides financial services. AIG VALIC provides tax qualified annuities to the employees of educational, healthcare and governmental entities. AIG Global Investment Group
manages third-party institutional, retail and private equity funds invested assets on a global basis, provides securities lending and custodial services and organizes and manages the invested assets of institutional private equity investment funds. Each of these subsidiary operations receives fees for investment products and services provided. (See also Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations and Note 1 of Notes to Financial Statements.) 

2003 1231 - AIG 10-K

SULLIVAN:. Maybe it'd be helpful if I explain how AIG was structured.

There were four major divisions.

  1. There's the life side which obviously Edmund Tse played a prominent role in.
  2. There was the non-life side which I played a prominent role in with Nick Walsh, Chris Moore and Tom Tizzio.
  3. Then there was the Financial Services unit which was headed by during various times, Ed Matthews and Bill Dooley
  4. And then Win Neuger was responsible for the Investment Division.


Edmund Tse


Financial Services 

Ed Matthews / Bill Dooley

Investment Division

Win Neuger