Alan Frost - AIG

From: Frost, Alan
Wednesday, February IS, 2006 10:29 PM
To: Park, Gene; Gary; Forster, Andrew; Tom; McCormack, Sinead; Robinson, Peter; Martin, Andrew; Budnick, Adam
RE: Subprime Thoughts - 5p

  • I didn't realize that our threshold for rating on sub prime was single A (l thought it was BBB).

2010 0511 - FCIC- Gary Gorton Interview - 173p

  • Dixie Noonan (FCIC):  And it talks on here, in the first paragraph after the chart -- let’s see here, I’m trying to –- “All of the” -- so if you go down, sort of seven or eight lines. It says, “All of the securities will be rated Ba3 or better upon purchase.