Interestingness requires the proper connections and
interactions among diverse parts.

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interestingness - the power of attracting or holding one's attention (because it is unusual or exciting etc. )

Can Life Insurance be Interesting?

The reader might assume that the subject of life insurance is neither very controversial nor interesting. Such a conclusion would be in great error.

1982 - Introduction to Life Insurance -  Mark Dorfman, Academic Textbook

Insurance has historically been something of a Rodney Dangerfield of the law.

If lawyers and teachers cannot embrace insurance as an appealing subject, it should come as no surprise that most laypersons think of insurance as boring. 

2011 - Principles of Insurance Law, 4th Ed. - Stemp

2014 0520 - GOV - Legislative Proposals to Reform Domestic Insurance Policy

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  • question: would the case of Executive Life created a Systemic Risk?


2017/11/15, LIBGWGACLI Redlined Draft

Unlike a term policy, which can end after a specified number of years, permanent life insurance will continue to the policy’s maturity age so long as premiums are paid.

(Note that this isn’t exactly accurate for UL <Universal Life>, where policies can continue as long as the cash value is sufficient to pay the policy charges. We may want to make that distinction.)  <<< ----BonkNote: ACLI Wording>>>

"The policy does not lapse if a premium is not paid; rather, it lapses if the fund balance becomes too small to pay the next month's cost of  insurance." --Ben H. Mitchell

1981 - Universal Life, Society of Actuaries