The reader might assume that the subject of life insurance is neither very controversial nor interesting.

  • Such a conclusion would be in great error.

1982 - Introduction to Life Insurance -  Mark Dorfman, Academic Textbook

  • Interestingness requires the proper connections and
    interactions among diverse parts.

The Hidden Factor: Why Thinking Differently Is Your Greatest Asset - Scott E. Page , The Great Courses

  • interestingness - the power of attracting or holding one's attention (because it is unusual or exciting etc. )

What they did not understand, they did not find useful.

-1A NAIC Proceedings - NAIC / LIMRA - Universal Life Disclosure Form Test Market Results - 10p

  • Insurance has historically been something of a Rodney Dangerfield of the law.
  • If lawyers and teachers cannot embrace insurance as an appealing subject, it should come as no surprise that most laypersons think of insurance as boring. 

2011 - Principles of Insurance Law, 4th Ed. - Stempel

2014 0520 - GOV - Legislative Proposals to Reform Domestic Insurance Policy

  • Hughes, Schwarz, Ross, Wisconsin Guy - I'm very productive
  • question: would the case of Executive Life created a Systemic Risk?

2017/11/15, LIBGWGACLI Redlined Draft

Unlike a term policy, which can end after a specified number of years, permanent life insurance will continue to the policy’s maturity age so long as premiums are paid.

(Note that this isn’t exactly accurate for UL <Universal Life>, where policies can continue as long as the cash value is sufficient to pay the policy charges. We may want to make that distinction.)  <<< ----BonkNote: ACLI Wording>>>

  • The policy does not lapse if a premium is not paid; rather, it lapses if the fund balance becomes too small to pay the next month's cost of  insurance.

--  Ben H. Mitchell

1981 - Universal Life, Society of Actuaries