• ... I am a mother and a grandmother, and what bothers me is that I am afraid that this same misleading information may be the basis of my children's and grandchildren's retirement planning by the same ... type agents, and they may never ask questions, as I have. 


1993 -  GOV - When Will Policyholders Be Given The Truth About Life Insurance? 

  • Our research generally indicates that the public can be best described as conservative and risk aversive when it comes to financial matters, but perhaps the most remarkable finding has been the stability of the public's financial needs and concerns over the years.

--  Dr. Zultowski, not a member of the Society, is Director of Economics and Consumer Research at LIMRA.

1980Product Innovation - Response to Consumer Needs in the 1980's, The Society of Actuaries

  • Most common citizens just don't understand policy terms. You have to have faith," said he to his commissioner.
  • You have to have faith or trust that the agent is telling you the truth or explaining it correctly to you. It's bad that it takes 9 years and $23,000 before you find out you have nothing.

1993 -  GOV - When Will Policyholders Be Given The Truth About Life Insurance?