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(p40) - Don Manzullo - (R-IL-1993 to 2013): 

Well, they didn’t even know about it.  <re: Madoff>

Their own internal investigation showed that when the whistleblower had contacted the lower echelon at the SEC, that it never made it all the way to the top.

  • I guess my thought is, why didn’t that man who testified here contact a Member of Congress or somebody in the Banking Committee, because we could have kicked it upstairs right away and worked on it.

2009 1006 - GOV (House) - Capital Markets Regulatory Reform: Strengthening Investor Protection, Enhancing Oversight of Private Pools of Capital, And Creating a National Insurance Office - [PDF-325p

Most consumers, of course, are unlikely to consult such information.

  • But this form of transparency is nonetheless crucial for markets to operate effectively and efficiently because it allows market intermediaries—including consumer-oriented magazines, public interest groups, and academics—to police marketplaces, identify problems, and convey relevant information to consumers, newspapers, and lawmakers.  (p8)

-- Daniel Schwarcz - Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Law School

2011 0914 - GOV (Senate) - Emerging Issues in Insurance Regulation - Congressman Reed (RI) - [PDF-51p

  • You have a big, big problem ...., which nobody found until somebody sent an anonymous letter.

--  James Florio (D-NJ)

1986 0618 - NAIC / GOV - Edward Muhl (MD) and John Washburn - Insurance Company Solvency [draft] - 53p