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  • 1991 - GOV - Solvenc -Baldwin United - Regulators
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Mr. SUTTON (ACLI / Pacific Life).

  • My personal opinion is that I would not have any problem with a kind of disclosure that could be communicated simply but was based on extensive analysis by someone capable of making the appropriate analysis.
  • I would not like a simplistic disclosure that could cause great dislocation because it did not recognize all of the factors in what is, in fact, a very complicated business.  (p280)

1991 - 0227, 0507/09/23 - GOV - Insurance Company Solvency, aka Insurance Company Insolvencies - [PDF-369p-GooglePlay]

  • (p25) - Ms. WEISS: One other comment I might make is that it seems that when Dr. Vaughan and Mr. Schwarcz were talking about consumer affairs, it occurred to me that the conversation that was going on was at two different levels.

2011 0914 - GOV (Senate) - Emerging Issues in Insurance Regulation - Senator Reed (D-RI) - PDF-51p