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AIG - Securities Lending

  1. 2008 0912 - FCIC - 2008-09-12 Alejandro LaTorre Email to Geithner et al re Update on AIG - 2p
    • Outside of the holding co., the insurance subs have about $68B in securities lending liabilities to the 12 largest firms.
    • Program is managed by the holding company (AIG Financial Products).
  2. Securities Lending - NAIC
    • 2008 1006 - NAIC to GOV Letter - Praeger, Waxman, Davis - [link to NAIC Page - 4p]
      • The problems stem from the operations of AIG’s holding company, its financial products division, and its securities lending division, regulated at the Federal level by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS).
    • 2017 1024 - GOV (House) - The Federal Government’s Role in the Insurance Industry - [PDF-140pVIDEO-youtube
      • Katharine Wade (NAIC, CT - Insurance Commissioner): The States had identified this— the securities lending issues and were winding those down.