The educational task is huge, and it's not just with the customers; it's with our agents also. 

  • I would say to all of you that if you think that you don't have any customers or any agents who fail to understand what a nonguaranteed illustration really means, you're kidding yourself.

--  Walter Miller - <Prudential>

1991 - SOA - Illustrations, Society of Actuaries - 20p

  • <1> We want you to know that Financial Education is important, but that many other groups are better situated to design deliver and evaluate education than NAIC is.  
  • We think NAIC's most important role in Retirement Security is to make sure that consumers can safely buy well-designed insurance products in stable insurance markets.
  • ... NAIC should focus it's efforts on consumers who have fewer resources.

  • <3> 4th Graders / 12th Graders
  • Teachers are going to teach what they know and what they are interested in and Insurance will be one of the items that gets short changed....
  • So..... this concept of Just in Time education ....suggests that it will be most effective after high school.

-- Brenda Cude

  • Knowledge lets consumers make rational decisions...
  • However, as I say often, consumers do not make rational decisions....
  • We know that knowledge is necessary to make a plan... so, that we can get the security we want in our lives.
  • Our attitudes, our beliefs... they really come from our life experiences and they point us to different actions...


  • National Endowment for Financial Education Task Force (College Level)

  • Teachable Moments

2020/1/ - NAIC - RETIREMENT SECURITY Conference Call - NAIC, Cude / Kitt Presentation - <Bonk>