• 2013 0708 - FSOC/AIG - Basis of the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s Final Determination Regarding American International Group, Inc. - 15p
    • Many of AIG’s life insurance and annuity products, while intended to be long-term liabilities, have features that could make them vulnerable to rapid and early withdrawals by policyholders.  (p2)
  • 2014 - AIG Resolution Plan Section 1: Public Section - 16p
  • 2017 0929 - FSOC/AIG - American International Group, Inc. (Rescission) - 68p
    • Views of Financial Stability Oversight Council Members Regarding Rescission of Determination Regarding American International Group, Inc. (AIG) - 15p
  • ...universal life and investment-type products (collectively, investment-oriented products)..... (p53)

Update of Actuarial Assumptions

  • The life insurance companies review and update actuarial assumptions at least annually, generally in the third quarter.
  • Assumption setting standards vary between investment-oriented products and traditional long-duration products. (p123)

2018 - AIG Annual Report - 372p

  • Ms. WATERS. Let me first go to Mr. Woodall. Is AIG designated as a SIFI, Mr. Woodall?
  • Mr. WOODALL. Yes.
  • Ms. WATERS. Should it be?
  • Mr. WOODALL. At the time when they were designated, we were coming right out of the financial crisis. The first two designations were AIG and JECC, companies which had had some problems during the crisis.
  • Ms. WATERS. Some problems? Big problems.
  • Mr. WOODALL. Big problems.
  • Ms. WATERS. Okay. So, it should be designated a SIFI?
  • Mr. WOODALL. At that time.

2015 1208 - GOV (House) - Oversight of the Financial Stability Oversight Council - PDF-146p