Government Hearings - 1960s

  • 1964 0729 - GOV (Senate) - Life Insurance Taxation
    • [PDF-39p]
    • Senate - Committee on Finance

  • 1969 - GOV (House) - Use of NSLI Investment Funds for Veterans Mortgage Financing
  • Report of Special Stud of Securities Markets of the Securities and Exchange Commission
    • 1963 0401 - Part 1 - 50p
      • (p10) - Potentially affecting an even larger segment of the population, private retirement and insurance programs for individuals depend considerably on investments in corporate securities. This has been historically true as to corporate bonds and in recent years has become increasingly true as to corporate stocks. As of December 31, 1961,
        holdings of corporate securities by life insurance companies and private pension funds were estimated at $93 billion, of which corporate stocks represented about 30 percent. Personal Trust Funds held $57 billion in corporate securities, mostly common stocks preferred stocks.