Information Barriers

Data Access

Dr. Yager said he attended some of the NAIC computer sessions in Detroit and he found the NAIC databases to be fascinating but that he could not afford to pay the user fees required to access the databases, particularly the Common User Interface.

  • Mr. Adkins said he would like access to the NAIC databases but cannot afford to pay the user fees.
  • Superintendent Atchinson asked NAIC staff to determine the NAIC's cost of providing database access to interested consumers.

1996-1, NAIC Proceedings

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Dear Chairmen Oxley and Baker:

  • I received your March 9, 2005 letter expressing concern about a lack of communication between the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and Congress in recent months.

2005 0318 - Letter - NAIC to GOV - 4p

  • The Executive Committee adopted a motion instructing the Executive Secretary of the NAIC, the Vice Chairman of the (C4) Technical Subcommittee and the Chairman of the (C) Committee to jointly review material submitted by the (C4) Subcommittee to the (C) Committee and determine which material should go into the NAIC Proceedings and which material should be retained in the Central NAIC Office and made available to interested persons upon request.

1980-2, NAIC Proc.