Liquidity Assessment Subgroup - NAIC

NEW NOTE 33. Analysis of Life Actuarial Reserves and Deposit Type Liabilities by Withdrawal Characteristics
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Disclose the amounts of account value, cash value and reserve for the breakouts of life insurance and deposit-type contract funds and other liabilities by withdrawal characteristics, separately for General Account products and Separate Account Nonguaranteed products, as follows:

A. Subject to discretionary withdrawal.
(1) Universal Life
(2) Universal Life with Secondary Guarantees
(3) Indexed Universal Life
(4) Indexed Universal Life with Secondary Guarantees
(5) Indexed Life
(6) Other Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance
(7) Variable Life
(8) Variable Universal Life

B. Not subject to discretionary withdrawal or no cash value.
(1) Term
(2) Accidental Death Benefits
(3) Disability - Active Lives
(4) Disability - Disabled Lives
(5) Miscellaneous Reserves

  • ...formed an informal study group comprised of state insurance regulators, five insurance groups and NAIC staff, and the study group held its first meeting March 22.
  • He noted that the Subgroup met March 26 in regulator-to-regulator session, pursuant to paragraph 3 (specific companies, entities or individuals) of the NAIC Policy Statement on Open Meetings, to be briefed by the study group. He added that the study group is discussing: 1) what questions the stress test should answer; 2) initial thoughts on liquidity stress test scenarios; 3) the time horizons for the liquidity stress test; and 4) which entities within the group should be included in the liquidity stress test.
  • The study group intends to deliver initial proposals to the Subgroup before the Summer National Meeting.

2019-1, NAIC Proceedings

  • March 12, 2000
  • March 26 in regulator-to-regulator session