Meaningful Disclosure

  • Ms. Winer <GA> said that disclosure is helpful, but only if it is meaningful.

2019/9/17, NAIC LIIIWG Proceedings (Fall, 6-77)

  • .... would they know what that really means in terms of the risk to them and how it would interact with......

-- Brian Brosnahan, Plaintiff Attorney

Walker v LSW

  • Case 2:10-cv-09198-JVS-JDE Document 813 Filed 07/06/15 Page 84 of 224

Ed Zimmerman, American Council of Life Insurers, expressed his concern about meaningful disclosures

  • stating that the ACLI did not believe the proposed amendments to the Rules Governing the Advertising of Life Insurance and the Life Insurance Disclosure Model Regulation provide meaningful disclosure.


1991-1A, NAIC Proceedings

Another key issue is something that we're calling real disclosure.

  • I would like you to think in terms of a friend or a cousin or someone who is not in this business but who reads our disclosure document.

--  Thomas C. Foley (State Regulator)  

1997 - Keeping Current on Fixed Annuities, Society of Actuaries - 12p