Misleading Illustrations

  • First thing that I want to say is that there have been some references to Misleading Illustrations.
  • I'm certainly not aware of the Regulators have not found that Illustrations are misleading.
  • That seems to be just an allegation that is left hanging in the air, which is inaccurate. 
  • The Illustration is not misleading.

The policy is performing according to policy mechanics

-- Scott Harrison  

2019 1115 - IULWG,  NAIC Proceedings - Conference Call <Bonk>

The Academy Life Committee has a task force that's chaired by Helen Gaff.

  • This committee was set up, at the request of the NAIC's Actuarial Task Force, to address misleading illustrations, specifically to address the pattern of values on illustrations.

1991 - PRODUCT UPDATE - INDIVIDUAL LIFE, Society of Actuaries - 18p