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  • 2008-1, NAIC Proceedings - NAIC/Industry Liaison Committee
    • 2007 1202 - (2-22 - 2-23)
    • .....questions on whether the NAIC has a formalized process for formulating and approving its policy positions, particularly in the context of congressional testimonies.
      • They pointed to three categories of occurrences that gave rise to their confusion on NAIC policy positions: 1) congressional testimony that seemed to be in conflict with working groups on the same issue, 
    • Michael McRaith (IL) clarified whether they had questions of substance about certain NAIC policies or questions of process.
      • He established that the threshold question was about process.
      • With respect to process, he explained that it was straightforward and not uncommon—staff would notify commissioners, analyze issue(s), receive feedback, prepare a draft, circulate for comments, and integrate and prepare it for final submission.