"...and, above all, with the recognition that many advances, in scientific and other scholarly pursuits, have often been made or stimulated by "laymen", by persons who did not have the requisite professional qualifications"

1979 - Journal - American Academy of Actuaries

Subgroup on Life Advertising - 87, 88, 89

Willauer Box


414:  Dynamic Products - UL - Raindrop or Umbrella

415: Premium - ACLI Letter - UL - Premium

416: Life Insurance Buyer's Guide - Comparison Chart

418:  ShortList

421:  Letters 

423:  Illustrations History

424:  Message

What's the problem? 

Focus Groups

LIIIWG Only Complicated products or all? Cude, Lawsuits

NGE's - not in paper guide, but yes in online LIBG, Who is responsible?

NAIC Online Buyer's Guide - put more info in



Ohio State University waited for students to create different paths and paved them after 

"desired paths" 

Klaus Humpert – Wikipedia. You can find an examination of those footpaths here:

Planned premium - New York Insurance Commission

UL - Agent
UL- Consumer


CSO/VBT Tables - 2015-3v1

Target Premium 


Data Element Examples

-Minnesota Life Adjustable Life LC "Policy Information Page"

-1985 SOA Mismatch Life Insurance

-1993-2 REQUIREMENTS FOR Illustration COVER PAGES - TRC - 3p bonknote

-1993-2 California  - Requirements for Ledger Illustrations

-Guide to Understanding of Ledger Illustrations