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Adjustable Life Insurance

1976Toward Adjustable Life Products,, Walter L. Chapin, Society of Actuaries

1977 - October - "Adjustable" Life Insurance.  The idea is to have one policy you can change as your needs change. Changing Times,  (pages 17-19)

Academic Textbooks - Life Insurance

Actuarial Textbooks

Life Insurance and Modified Endowments Under Internal Revenue Code Sections 7702 and 7702A, Second Edition  --   Chris DesRochers, John T. Adney, Brian King and Craig Springfield. 2015. 489 pages.

Life Insurance Products and Finance, D.B. Atkinson and J.W. Dallas. 2000. 1021 pages.

Statutory Valuation of Individual Life and Annuity Contracts | 5th Edition -- Claire, Lombardi and Summers,