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Securities Lending

  • There was also some discussion of the lack of liquidity associated with this program and it was felt that that is certainly consideration which must be taken into effect by companies contemplating such transactions.


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Hester Peirce

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  • Prudential indicated that it has not had losses since it got into the securities lending business in the 1980s and it is viewed today as essentially a risk-free transaction. (p23)

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    • Life insurers that engaged in securities lending business were negatively affected by illiquid markets during the financial crisis as a result of reinvesting cash collateral in illiquid instruments.  (p34)
  • Figure 7 illustrates our identification strategy by focusing on the differences in lending behavior between MetLife and AIG.

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  • Bean
  • Skinner - UK
  • Securities lending has been in existence for many years but was not availableto private pension funds until January 1, 1981 when the Department of Labor issued an exemption for all private pension funds. It is a means ofgenerating income to a pension fund with minimal risk.

1982 - SOA - Investment Vehicles to Cope with Inflation, Society of Actuaries - 24p

The exposure draft was to have been ready for this meeting... 

  • ....but the group is doing further study of securities lending transactions, which have several similar attributes with asset transfers with "puts"; thus, any exposure draft at this time might be premature.

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  • Insurance companies must also follow the appropriate statutory accounting rules related to securities lending transactions, which are included in the NAIC Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual.