• Another area of concern relating to solvency is investments by insurers.
  • Recently, some states have expressed concern over investment by life insurance companies in high yield / high risk obligations, referred to as "junk bonds."

-- STATEMENT OF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE COMMISSIONERS - John Washburn , Director of Insurance for the State of Illinois and Vice President of the NAIC

1987 - GOV - Developments In State Insurance Regulation - 511p

  • Solvency Modernization (EX) Task Force - NAIC
  • ATTACHMENT TEN-D: Mission Statement For The NAIC
    Financial Regulation Standards and Accreditation Program - The NAIC's Financial Regulation Standards and Accreditation Program seeks cooperation among state officials to maintain a high level of merited confidence in solvency regulation in each state.  --  1995-3, NAIC Proceedings
  • 1992 - State Solvency Regulation of Property-Casualty and Life Insurance Companies - Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations - 144p
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    • The solvency of life insurance companies may be threatened by interest rate risk when the maturities of assets and liabilities are mismatched.
    The development of new products and the entry into new lines of activities by financial organizations have presented regulators with serious new problems.
  • These problems have shown up in the area of protections afforded buyers of these products and most especially in the area of regulating the operations of companies with a view to solvency.

--  DICK <Richard> MINCK (Executive Vice-President of the American Council of Life <ACLI> Insurance and the newly elected Secretary of the Society of Actuaries)


  • The one financial institution which is still stable and in which the public still has confidence, and that is life insurance, cannot stand very many more months continuation of this situation.
  • insurance companies are not nearly so solvent as their re­ports might indicate.
  • A tremendous load of credit loans has been transferred from banks to life-insurance companies.


1932 - FRB - Federal Reserve Board : Bill Opposition - Price Stabilization, 1932, Subject File, Box 119, Folder 8

3. H.R. 1290

Bob Mackin (NCOIL) expressed concerns about the various industry and related groups that have publicly supported H.R. 1290.

  • Assemblyman Lasher said that NCOIL and NAIC should present a coordinated effort to oppose the legislation for the best interest of insurance consumers.
  • Director McCartney noted that consumer groups generally agree that H.R. 1290 does not offer any consumer protection.
  • The members agreed to continue to coordinate their efforts to defeat the federal legislation that would preempt state regulation of insurance.

1993-2, NAIC Proceedings

H.R.1290 - Federal Insurance Solvency Act of 1993103rd Congress (1993-1994) -

During the early 1990s, however, the solvency problems of the life insurance industry increased, climaxing in the failure in 1991 of several large insurers--

Assessments for Executive Life are expected to total $2.1 billion over five years, with the bulk yet to be paid.

1994/04 - The Economic Impact of a Solvency Crisis in the Insurance Industry - CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE 

  • During the past decade, the savings and loan crisis and the problems of the banking industry have focused the public's attention on the financial problems in the insurance industry and their implications for the overall economy.
  • The life insurance industry suffered from some of the same competitive forces that hurt the savings and loan and banking industries.

1994/04 - The Economic Impact of a Solvency Crisis in the Insurance Industry - CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE


  • Acting upon the suggestion by Superintendent Hotchkiss, Governor Hughes sent to the legislature last week a message, asking for the enactment of a law conferring created the necessity for some such law, it will be noted that upon the Superintendent power to deal summarily with insolvent insurance companies, or when their affairs are so managed as to render their continuance in business hazardous to the public.

1909 - The Spectator, VOL. LXXXII, MARCH 18

  • The necessity of some such authority being commended in the head of the Insurance Department was demonstrated most emphatically in the recent  entanglements connected with the attempt to transfer the Washington Life to a Pittsburg company and remove its assets from the jurisdiction of the State of New York, which attempt was frustrated by the prompt action of the Attorney General.

1909The Spectator, VOL. LXXXII, MARCH 18

Based on the Subcommittee's work outlined above, the Committee has determined that additional investigative action relative to the insurance industry is called for.

  • In particular, the Committee believes the Treasury Department should undertake a study to determine what actions, if any, might be taken at the Federal and/ or State levels to reduce the impact of solvency problems on the ability of insurers to extend credit through intermediation, particularly through the provision of loans.
  • The study should also determine what additional actions, if any, might be taken at the Federal and / or State levels to reduce the likelihood and magnitude of insurance company solvency problems.
  • In testimony before the Subcommittee on the role of the National Association of Insurance  Commissioners in the regulation of the insurance industry, NAIC vice-president William McCartney stated that if state regulators are not able to make significant strides towards implementing stronger regulatory action by the end of 1994, then more aggressive steps at the Feder al level may be called for.
  • The Committee believes that this study authorized by H.R. 4731 complements the suggested time frame that the states are currently working within.

The principal basis for the Committee's concern over to the insurance industry relative to H.R. 4731 is the significant role insurance companies play in the extension of credit to individuals, industry and commerce, as well as their role in urban development
and the impact of their financial intermediation on Federal monetary policy.

1992 - GOV - House Reports Nos. 651-699 - 102d Congress - 2d Session January 3 - October 9, 1992