TARP - Troubled Asset Relief Program


  • 2009 0408 - WSJ - U.S. to Offer Aid to Life Insurers: Firms Face Capital Crunch; How Much They Will Get From TARP Remains Unclear, By Scott Patterson, Deborah Solomon and Leslie Scism - [link]
    • Shares of life insurers have fallen more than 40% this year.
    • Their troubles led to a string of rating-agency downgrades that, in a vicious cycle, made it more difficult for some insurers to raise funds.
  • 2009 0423 - BusinessInsider - Why TARP For Insurers Is A Scam, by Joe Weisenthal[link]
  • 2009 0515 - CNN - 6 life insurers qualify for bailout money - [link]
    • Treasury Department spokesman Andrew Williams said Allstate, Ameriprise Financial, Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., Lincoln National Corp., Principal Financial and Prudential Financial Inc. have qualified for TARP money.
    • "These life insurers met the requirements for the Capital Purchase Program because of their bank holding company status and each applied for CPP capital investments by the deadline of November 14, 2008," Williams said.


  • Troubled Asset Relief Program Oversight Panel
  • AIG
  • Hartford
  • Lincoln
  • TALF
  • 2016 - FRB-Boston - Did Life Insurers Benefit from TARP or Regulatory Forbearance during the Financial Crisis of 2008–2009?, by Michelle Barnes - [link]