Turning Points

  • The working group next reviewed Appendix D to the Life Insurance Disclosure Model Regulation, which contained policy information for a universal life policy or indeterminate premium policy.
  • The working group agreed that, since most of this information was directly based on non-guaranteed elements, it would be appropriate to delete the entire appendix.

1996-1 NAIC Proc.

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1993 - Policy Information for Applicant- Universal Life - 3p, Life Insurance Disclosure Model Regulation - Appendix D
       Located in 1993 -  GOV - When Will Policyholders Be Given The Truth About Life Insurance? -  p63-65 

  • ml/cude - just do complex products like UL
  • AAA/Cude - people don't care about assumptions
  • LIIIWG - Narrative ..... Policy Summary
  • BB - Just tell them the premium, what it can go up to - Indeterminate Premium??