Win Neuger - AIG

  • Win Neuger - chief executive officer, chairman, and director at AIG Global Investment Corporation
  • "Ten-Cubed"
  • 2010 0629 - LC - Transatlantic vs AIG - Affirmation of Anthony J. Albanese - 116p
  • 2010 0701 - businessinsider - Actually, It Might Be All Win Neuger's Fault AIG Collapsed, Not Goldman Sach's - [link]
  • Daniel Neuger is the son of another top executive, Win Neuger, and serves as "managing director of AIG Global Investment Corp. and AIG Global Asset Management Holdings Corp."

2009 0602 - HuffPost - Liddy Letter: AIG Plans To Award Bonuses Even If Taken Over By US - [link]

  • Daniel Neuger, son of Mr. Neuger, serves as a Managing Director of AIG Global Investment Corp. and AIG Global Asset Management Holdings Corp... (p49)

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  • In the aftermath of AIG’s bailout, Neuger was interviewed several times by congressional officials and federal regulators examining AIG’s role in the credit crisis but avoided any sanction.
  • Nor does mainstream media, as evidenced by this interview with Fox Business channel’s Maria Bartiromo, appear to have any interest in his past.
  • EcoAlpha see big opportunity in burdened resources
    Oct. 02, 2014 - 4:26 - EcoAlpha Asset Management Chairman Win Neuger says his company sees a massive spend-cycle in providing solutions around agriculture, water and energy efficiency. - [link]