AIG - Life Insurance Subsidiaries - Weak

  • Life Ins. Co. subs have significant unrealized losses on investments.  (p11)

2008 0916 - FRB - Email from Julie Dolan Regarding AIG Documents Requested - 17p

  • Seven Companies
    • [Bonk:  What Regulatory Filing?]
    • 2010 0318 - GOV (House) - Insurance Holding Company Supervision, Paul Kanjorski (D-PA)  --- [BonkNote]
      • (p19) - Ed ROYCE (R-CA) -  There is a lot of blame to go around in the case of AIG, but to say the various State insurance commissioners are not to be included in that group is a failure to look at the facts.
        • Further, there are at least seven State-regulated insurance subsidiaries that were participating in AIG’s Securities Lending Division that would have been insolvent but for the American taxpayers.
    • 2010 0609 - - Did Bush Officials Hide Depths of AIG Problems?, by Greg Gordon - [link]
      • After the taxpayer bailout, McClatchy found, AIG distributed $20 billion in securities lending losses among its insurance subsidiaries, and then offset the red ink by booking similarly sized capital contributions that only could have come from taxpayers.
        • That lifeline kept seven life insurers in the black, according to their regulatory filings.