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I didn't realize that our threshold for rating on sub prime was single A (l thought it was BBB).

2006 0215 - email - AIG - Alan Frost to Park, Forster, Budnik, etc. - re: Subprime Thoughts - AIGFP -  5p

  • (p110) - Dixie Noonan, FCIC:  And it talks on here, in the first paragraph after the chart -- let’s see here, I’m trying to –- “All of the” -- so if you go down, sort of seven or eight lines.

It says, “All of the securities will be rated Ba3 or better upon purchase.

2010 0511 - FCIC- Gary Gorton Interview - 173p

  • Alan Frost [Man]:, and how ... Apart from the fact that it's totally distracting and totally not directionally the right way we want to go, how ...  so are you [THOROUGHLY?] concerned or you just sort of ... more [UNlNTEL]....
    • p4/8. AIG-SEC1910858, 

2007 0711 - AIG - AIG Transcript of phone call between Andrew Forster and Alan Frost - 8p

  • Alan Frost to Andrew Forster: I wasn't really expecting to resolve anything, but starting the dialog was somewhat important.

    • Remember, I'm a marketing guy, so I have but no choice to manage the relationship.

2007 0816 - email - AIG - Frost to Forster to Frost - AIGFP - 2p (p2)