Government Hearings - 1990s

  • 1993 0629 - GOV (House) - Agency actions to reduce the negative impact of regulations on credit availability
    • House - Subcommittee on Financial Institutions Supervision, Regulation, and Deposit Insurance of the Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs
  • Markup of Banking Bill 
    • Members of the House Banking Committee debated amendments to bank legislation that would allow the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to borrow up to $30 billion from the Federal Treasury.
  • Banking Legislation Markup - [VIDEO-CSPAN]
    • The committee says a bill is urgently needed, because the bank insurance fund that pays depositors of failed banks is virtually out of money.
    • Interstate Banking and Insurance Activities of National BanksHearings Before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, First Session, on Nationwide Banking and Branching and the Insurance Activities of National Banks, October 5 and November 3, 1993, Volume 4
    • Governor Ware - FRB
    • Somewhere in that range, it seems to me, would be a reasonable restraint, and at the same time offer the consumer advantages of perhaps being able to purchase all kinds of general insurance at lower premiums because the large commission for the agent, which is a major part of at least the first year's premium , for example,
      on a life insurance policy, could be substantially cut because of the more efficient way of distributing it.