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  • In my experience very smart people don't really know what all the components mean.
  • I feel like it does lead to confusion.
  • So, I think ... if you can refer to the eventual illustration and just show the cash value. 

--  Teresa Winer (Georgia)

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  • In a Universal Life policy, you can choose a flexible premium payment pattern as long as you pay enough to keep your policy in force."
  • Evaluate the Future of Your Policy
    • Does your policy have a cash value?
    • Ask your insurance agent, financial advisor, or an insurance company representative for an illustration showing future values and benefits

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  • What I noticed was there is a requirement for in-force illustrations, and people may have thought they bought one thing and whenever you have to give them an in-force illustration with a current disciplined scale, they're going to realize they bought something else.

    I think many companies will have serious problems with policyholder retention.

      --  Mark J. Greene, FSA. MAAA, Supervising Actuary, New York State Insurance Department

    1995 - SOA - Practical Illustrations and Nonforfeiture Values, Society of Actuaries - 14p