MSRV - Mandatory Securities Valuation Reserve

Impact of Economic Changes on Common Stock Values

  • When the MSVR was first established in 1951, common stocks represented only 1.2 percent of the assets of U.S. life insurance companies.
  • However, the sharp rise in common stock prices during the 1950s and early 1960s, combined with the stimulus of statutes enacted in New York and other states authorizing increased common stock purchases by life insurers, resulted in a substantial growth in holdings.
    • Common stocks for all companies increased from $820 million in 195l to $7.6 billion at the end of 1969 and amounted to 3.9 percent of total assets in the general accounts.

1983-2, NAIC Proceedings


  • The Mandatory Securities Valuation Reserve- 1951-1981

1983-2, NAIC Proceedings