Gorton Model

  • 2010 0710 - Testimony Of Andrew Forster Before The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) - 4p
  • Gene Parks - FCIC Interview (mp3) - Monte Carlo Simulation

2010 0511- FCIC - Gary Gorton Interview - 173p

  • (p23) - MS. NOONAN: You’re not talking about your model now? You’re talking --
  • MR. GORTON: No, I’m talking about -– I’m talking about another model that we built.
  • MS. NOONAN: Okay.
  • MR. GORTON: I’m not exactly sure that we should call it “my model,” by the way, but, you know…
  • MS. NOONAN: The popular – the popular parlance has been the “Gorton model” or the “Wharton
    model,” so I mean we can give it --
  • MS. HEYL: I think it’s an actuarial model.
  • MS. NOONAN: An actuarial model, okay.
  • MS. HEYL: As compared with a valuation model.
  • MR. GORTON: I think if people of the firm heard you say that, they’d be irate. So, you know, there was a lot of people who contributed to --
  • MS. NOONAN: Well, I’m not going to take credit for being the first person to say it, but --